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Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers home additions service allows you to build out and customize your residence in the Cleveland suburbs or any surrounding area in Ohio to suit your unique lifestyle

Affordable Home Additions Cleveland

Creative, visually appealing, quality additions and expansions to complement your home’s appeal

Many homeowners find, after living a few years in their home, that there is a need of some extra space in the house. It could be as simple as some storage space, to something as complex as adding another story to your house. If you’re living in Cleveland, you’re in luck!

What Type of Home Additions Can Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers Provide?

With over 12 years’ in business and over 30 years worth of experience in the home remodeling and construction industry, we have gained sufficient knowledge and experience about the various home addition needs, and continue to keep ourselves updated on the recent trends in the market. Some of the most popular home addition projects that customers come to us with include:

As homeowners ourselves, we understand that a beautiful, comfortable home with every single detail perfectly on point—from a handy kitchen extension to the gorgeous outdoor patio—contributes to the fun and happy memories you share with your loved ones. At Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers, we all cheer for homeowners living in their dream home, and therefore, aim to provide exactly that. Whether you need the services of something as small as a window replacement to something as huge as adding a second story to your home, you can trust us to deliver your project how you had envisioned it to be.

No Matter What Stage of Planning You are on, We can Assist You With Your Home Addition

At Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers, we have worked on numerous home addition projects in various stages of planning. Our professionals picked right up from where the homeowner left off and collaborated with them until the addition was installed as per their needs.

Professional and Devoted Service

Understanding the customer’s needs is vital for any project. Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers takes the time to assess the homeowner’s need before delving into the planning or construction of the project. This professionalism, paired with the fact that our experts are courteous and amiable to work with, we have earned our reputation as the leading home additions and remodeling contractors in Cleveland.

Experience and Skills that Speak for Themselves

Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers take pride in their extensive experience in the industry of serving the residents of Cleveland for over a decade. This expertise and set of skills are clear with the way we approach each project, and the timely, hassle-free manner in which we take it to completion.

A wide range of options for your home addition

You have a wide range of options in front you in terms of extensions and additions, and our experts can guide you along if you are wondering what to choose!

Let Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers take charge of your home addition project and create a space that reflects your personality and taste.

To learn more, please reach out to us! We would love to answer any and all of your queries.