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Custom Capentry Cleveland

We’re committed to doing quality work for you. You’ll get the peace of mind knowing that you’re getting high-end custom work from our professionals! Serving Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding communities in Northeast Ohio.

Custom Carpentry in Greater Cleveland

Let Our Professionals Create a Custom Upscale Project that Reflects Your Style

While engineers can play with dimensions and work their way around blueprints and whatnot, it is the carpenters who bring this to life by adding the updates that speaks of the customer’s style. If you are remodeling your home or simply wish for a few upgrades that would change the look of your house, reach out to Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers. We have the equipment and the skills necessary to create a custom carpentry solution just for you.


With solutions in carpentry and other home remodeling projects, Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers has earned the reputation of a leading remodeling contractor in Cleveland. We have experience handling both commercial and residential projects, understand the subtle differences and needs required by each, and deliver a tailored solution that works perfectly for the customer. We take care of projects from the basic design proposal to the construction, and keep the customer in the loop so that the result is exactly what they had envisioned.

Why Choose

Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers for Your
Custom Carpentry Project?

Residential Services

We Exceed Expectations, Not your Budget

At Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers, we understand that homeowners may not always be looking for expensive upgrades. Sometimes, a little goes a long way. And we work with you to deliver a solution that strikes a perfect balance between your design needs and your budget.

Stellar, Tailored Carpentry Solutions

Our team of professionals leverage their experience and expertise to deliver a wide range of stellar interior and exterior home remodeling solutions and commercial carpentry services. We approach every project with the customer in mind, so that the project delivered will be the one that best matches their needs.

We Focus on Building Relationships

We care about our reputation and the satisfaction of our customers, we make sure that we deliver not only a good project, but a complete customer experience. This means that if you need a free quote or advice, we are here for you!

We Truly Care about Your Projects

From the planning and design to the construction and development, we will coordinate with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the minutest of details. We will take care of obtaining any permits required, and will organize a complete schedule so you can expect when the project will be completed instead of wondering about it.

Our team of professionals is trained and equipped with the skills required to conduct any demolishing work, and disposing of the debris in a responsible, environmentally-friendly manner.


Class 1 Pavers & Remodelers possess the skills required to understand a customer’s unique needs and deliver a tailored solution.

To learn more, please reach out to us! We would love to answer any and all of your queries.